Hello friend! I’m Shira Erlichman, a writer, artist, & musician. Maybe you’ve arrived because you’ve been reading my newsletter, formerly powered by Mailchimp, for years now. Or maybe you’ve read my debut poetry collection Odes to Lithium, or taken my month-long communal writing class In Surreal Life. Or maybe you’re an old-time fan & have followed my music over the decades. Maybe you heard me talk about one of my favorite topics, The Unknown, on the Vs. Podcast where I read this poem. Or maybe you heard me guest host episodes of The Slowdown. Or maybe you’ve read my children’s book, Be/Hold: A Friendship Book, constructed out of my love for compound words, for togetherness. Maybe you, too, love togetherness; you, too, think every room is a living room. Every space contains the potential for vivid aliveness, for the zing of discovery.

This newsletter is designed to be a little like a living room, a space to gather & share & be shared with. A together space constructed out of odd collisions: poetry + mental illness + wire walkers + Zen koans + kaleidoscopic thinking + skateboarding + whatever the heck my heart has lately laid its thirsty red ventricles on. This is a loving room, & I sincerely welcome you to it.

This loving room is called Freer Form because I don’t believe anything on this whole planet (or beyond) is fixed, permanent, or solid. We are ever-changing & that’s a miraculous challenge, a massive gift. In this same spirit, my creativity is a spiritual practice, unfolding my synaptic connection to everything. I’ve always been a maker of many modes: poems, stories, paintings, songs.

In this space I’ll consistently explore creativity, meditation, language, spirituality & their intersections. I like to move from the perspective that our time on this planet is precious & that we are all so much more possible than we could even imagine. Possibility is a touchstone for me. Ooo, I love that compound word. Touchstone.

This newsletter is currently offered freely. However, you can support my work by becoming a paid subscriber at $5/month, $50/year, or as a Founding Member (with a fancy title & incredible karma!) at $100/year.

Thank you for being & for being here.

With ample maple syrup,

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You are not fixed. You are something that is happening.


Shira Erlichman is a writer, artist, & musician. She is the author of poetry collection Odes to Lithium & author/illustrator of children's book Be/Hold: A Friendship Book. She is the founder of In Surreal Life, a Portable Creativity School.