"to come closer to your wish. To get in the periphery of a dream." oooooweee Shira!

i think my wish/dream is indeed more togetherness lately - ISL tends to remind me of that. thinking now on how to make small small movements towards togetherness....

on my recent vacation I would leave my phone in the safe in the room and spend entire mornings at the beach without even the distraction of reaching to take a photo. just reading, watching waves, looking at petrified coral and lizards and pelicans and hummingbirds, at my toes in the sand, at coral at fish at spiky urchins!! i got pinched on the butt by a crab but probably it was actually just a little rock flung by the waves.

big thanks for sharing the record label logo archive! favs are: Philadelphia International, Tower, A&M (I think)

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Katia! Obsessed with those three, especially Philadelphia International. I love that you left your phone in the safe to have a different experience. My friend puts it in her sock drawer when she's trying to get some undistracted work done. I super like the idea of a crab going out of its way to pinch your bum (sorry bum!) because it makes me think you two have something to work out. Pinch pinch!

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