May 13, 2023Liked by Shira Erlichman

Shira, I am so grateful that you introduced us to question journals! It’s been a generative practice for me this month; there has already been one poem that flowed out of a question from May 3.

A few of mine:

What would the years be named if I named them myself?

Is it painless to die in a volcanic eruption?

Can scarves be sisters?

What do spiders think when they look at the moon?

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Yay! So excited for you. & I'm obsessed with "can scarves be sisters?" (!)

I also had a similar one to your years one: if I renamed the months, what would I call them?

It's fun to think that our questions may intersect or overlap in our reimagining the world.

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"If I love myself more, who loses?" I can't stop thinking about this question. Thank you, Shira.

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